About Shayan Kesht Afzar Group

Shayan Kesht Afzar Group are successful in suppling & design & manufacturing more than 20 years . 

For more than 20 years in Iranian agricultural machinery markets. we have continually followed the development of new technology based on agricultural machineries and equipment's in the world, supplying machineries & equipment to hundreds of customers .
- For years we have participated in demonstrations and testing of agricultural machinery in south of Iran .

Who we are?
- Most of our customers are local distributors of agricultural machinery who provide excellent support for users
We offer proven designs adapted to different climatic conditions, soil and cultivation technology.
- We cooperate with users on the improvement of our products
We are a customer-oriented company and believe in developing strong, positive and long-lasting relationships with all our partners.
We are honest and fair with suppliers, customers and colleagues
We are dedicated towards providing goods and services of excellent quality with a competitive price to our entire client base
We are working with strong commitment to ensure the expectations of the customers

- We offer proven designs agricultural machineries such as trailer (2.5 to 12 tones ) , all kinds of spryer , backhoe & front loader ,cultivator , .... adapted to different climatic conditions, soil and cultivation technology.
. Our ongoing work with the designers, technologists and the offer of machinery produced in the best Iranian farms building plants are the basis of the fulfilment of our mission.


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